Welcome inside Dolphin Research Center Photos!

Print, Share and Enhance your Memories!


While you are interacting with our dolphins and sea lions our photographers will take your pictures.  Please come by the Photo Tiki conveniently located next to the Dolphin Theatre to select your photos.  You may purchase prints or a disc of your images to take with you.  We will also provide you with a Photo Claim Card with a unique Photo ID.  This card gives you the ability to add borders to each photo, share your photos with family and friends and order prints and photo products on-line to be sent directly to your home.


The revenue from your purchases stays at Dolphin Research Center to help provide the best care humanly possible for the animals that call this place home.


 If you cannot decide, ask for the Photo Claim Card.  You have 60 days to claim your photos.  After you’ve claimed your photos they will be available for 180 days.